Energy Sessions

Energy sessions reset your body’s energy flow while reducing anxiety and stress. Sessions include a chakra balance that soothes away that heavy, stuck feeling bringing in more calmness and focus to our everyday life. We use various techniques including those from Reiki, Pranic Healing, The Spectrahue Method of Light Therapy, among others. We use color light application with Lumalights and sound application with tuning forks, singing bowls and specially chosen music. The vibrational component is complete with crystals and essential oils. Judy is an advanced level Pranic & Crystal Healer as well as a Reiki Master and Teacher.

Massage & Cupping

Therapeutic massage supports better movement as it increases range of motion, reduces pain and aids recovery no matter your age or health circumstance. Stay well, stay mobile and continue living life to the fullest with the self-care practice of registered massage therapy. Appointments are available on weekdays, weeknights and some Saturdays and Sundays. Direct billing and insurance claims are available.

Holly Ethier specializes in myofascial cupping, decompression, trigger point release, integrated manual therapies and joint mobilization. She also offers relaxation, deep tissue and structural myofascial work.

Angela Kaiser, with 19 years of experience, provides relaxation and therapeutic treatments, pregnancy massage and cupping. She specializes in deep tissue treatments along with fascia release.

Brain Fitness

We are your local go-to professionals for providing training and exercise that specifically improves various domains of functioning for overall brain health. Our innovative and proven training methods help to slow cognitive decline and have the potential to actually improve the cognitive domains of attention, memory and executive functions. We train in specific ways combining exercise with cognitive stimuli making it fun and beneficial to your brain health. As we age it is especially important to combat the negative effects of aging on the brain. We use the methods of Ageless Grace, Brain Health Training and others to affect the brain’s neuroplasticity and cognitive functioning.

Yoga, Pilates

Yoga will reduce stress and help you find relaxation through gentle postures, breathing techniques and restorative poses. Using mindfulness, we bring awareness to our posture and movement patterns, as we move in all planes and directions. We use various training styles to bring mobility and flexibility to our movements and gain strength and balance. In Pilates, all movement begin with the core, so finding strength, balance and control helps us move better and feel better with less risk of injury. Pilates is a total body workout where we strengthen and lengthen all muscle groups. The mindful movements in both Yoga and Pilates help relax the mind and body even as it’s being strengthened, toned and stretched.

Fitness Classes

Our classes offer everything you need to stay fit, strong and balanced whatever your fitness level! We combine strength, cardio, balance, mobility and flexibility in an ever changing and varied format. We ensure your workouts are well-rounded, total body and balanced in all planes of movement, keeping you functionally fit and injury free. Our top-of-the-line, functional equipment keeps you motivated and progressing steadily toward your goals. We use indoor water rowers, incline trainers, treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, GRAVITY training on the Total Gyms, the Vectra Functional Trainer, Anchor Point Trainers, TRX, ViPR’s, KB, Body Blades and so much more fun and highly effective equipment proven to deliver results. With various times, levels and types of fitness classes to choose from, your fitness community is there to support you at every class.

Whittle Your Middle

This interval-based class is geared towards exercise programming that helps reduce body fat, especially around the midsection. You will be performing just the right amount of cardio (your choice of type) to help burn fat then performing whole body and isolated exercises and ending with mobility and flexibility. Have fun using all types of large and small equipment while working at your own pace.

Cardio n’ Strength

Get results with this ever-changing workout. We utilize various types of small and large equipment to improve cardio, strength, endurance and balance. We use Total Gyms, medicine balls, DB's, ViPR's, rebounder, bosu, speed bag, Total Body Vibration Machine, TRX, Anchor Point Bands and other types of innovative and functional equipment. Have fun and work out at your own pace.

Step It Up

Do you miss step aerobics or have you always wanted to learn? We are waking up our steps and putting on the groove in this class. Turn step your way to fun and fitness! Step has become “IN” again and it’s no wonder. It is a great cardio workout done to fun and lively music. Come and learn the basics and soon you will find you are seamlessly putting it all together into the best dance fitness workout ever. We will include a strength component and end with stretching. This class is for everyone. No experience or specific fitness level needed.

Total Body Strength

Join us as we push, pull, rotate, bend, squat and lunge for a total body workout. Using various equipment, we will build strength and endurance along with mobility and a strong core. This ever-changing class will help you set and reach your goals as we modify, and progress moves to suit each person's needs.This well rounded workout will keep you motivated and challenge, leaving you feeling successful and injury free!

Drumming Circles

No experience with music or drumming is needed. Attend our drum circles or book us for a special event, seniors’ facility, care center, hospital or workplace. All instruments are provided or bring your own. Drum circles are a fun, meaningful way to express yourself, relieve stress and tension, enter a meditative state or improve positivity and mental well-being. Everyone can take part in a drum circle and they are especially rewarding for those with special needs, dementia and cognition challenges.

Colour and Sound Baths

Enjoy having the energy of soothing color and sound “wash” over you while being “bathed” in transformational and relaxing frequencies and vibrations. We honour Earth, Air, Fire and Water in this Sound, Color and Energy experience. These varying frequencies will be created by instruments such as Himalayan and Crystal singing bowls, the Handpan, Rattles, Drums, Gongs, Chimes, Tuning Forks, Lumalights, Rainbow lights and more. You may find yourself entering a meditative, relaxed state as your brain shifts from everyday busyness into a state that facilitates deep peace and restorative mind and body nourishment. You may even fall asleep, which is perfectly OK, as everyone’s experience is uniquely their own. A colour and sound bath improve focus and clarity, enhances positive feelings, reduces stress, improves creativity and leaves people feeling empowered, balanced, reconnected and centered. No matter your individual experience, this ancient ritual will shake up your status quo and provide the opportunity to find your inner sanctuary. You will feel ready to face the world with increased calm, insight and inner strength.

Active Aging Classes

We specialize in functional aging and active aging exercise classes and training for those 45+. Regardless of age, if you are beginning, want to lose weight or are looking to regain your health, we are here for you. We know how to train you safely, effectively and progressively so you can keep doing what you love by staying strong, mobile and active. We are skilled at functional strategies, mobility, posture and movement patterns that directly benefit your activities of life and your well-being for years to come. We include fall prevention and balance strategies in all of our Active Aging classes. Our programs take into consideration arthritis, joint replacements, cancer, MS, Parkinson’s, diabetes, heart disease, obesity and other chronic conditions. From post-rehab to pain reduction to getting back your strength after and illness or surgery, we are here to help you find a better way of living regardless of your circumstance. We are happy to work closely with you and your health care providers to find the classes that are best suited to your unique needs.

Private or Semi-Private Personel Training

Personal training will give you motivation and an individualized program to meet your unique needs while gaining success and results. Train with us at our studio or we can develop a program for you to workout at home. We will support your journey whether it’s getting started, weight loss, post-rehab, chronic conditions, pain reduction, sports performance or looking and feeling better. Train alone or with a friend and share the cost and the fun!

Small Group Personal Training

Train with a maximum of 4 people and receive the benefits of a private 1 on 1 personal training session at a fraction of the cost. This small group personal training session gives you individualized time and attention with lots of opportunity to ask questions, learn exercises and receive guidance on safety and form. You will be with the same 4 people for the duration of each session allowing for ease of progressions and maximum success for everyone. No matter your fitness level or goals, you will receive knowledgeable, professional and exercise-science proven programming personalized for you. We have various types of small group training sessions to choose from to meet your needs. If you want to train for a specific goal, let us know and we will gather 4 people with similar needs and begin a unique training session. This is the training of the future - cost-effective, individualized, motivational, results-driven and fun!


Our friendly and informative group meditation helps you learn to meditate with ease using stress reduction and breathing techniques. Whether a seasoned meditator or just beginning, everyone benefits from the practice of applying focused intent, discernment, labelling thoughts, mindfulness and more. Each week a different guided meditation is experienced along with various types of meditation music. You may sit in a chair or on a meditation mat and cushion. It is optional to share in group discussion after the one hour guided meditation. No meditation experience is needed. Taught by a 500-hour Meditation Teacher.