Judy Cooper, Owner

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Teaches - Personal Trainer; Mat Pilates; Meditation; Mindful Movement; Relax n’ Renew Yoga; Boomer Circuit; Chair Ageless Grace; Zone Cardio n’ Strength; Row, Strength n’ Core; Tribe Team Training; Energy Work; Reiki; Chakra Balancing; Drumming Circles

I have been involved in the fitness industry in Stony Plain, Spruce Grove and Parkland County for over 25 years. During this time I have acquired extensive experience and education in many areas of fitness and wellness, including dance, gerontology, corrective exercise, functional aging and more.

My desire to understand and share wellness "beyond the physical" has taken me on an exciting journey to the fascinating world of energy work and beyond to mindfulness and deep meditation.

I believe that wellness is achieved when the body, mind and spirit are balanced and aligned. I care about each client’s fitness and wellness experience and support their individual journey as they reach beyond their present reality to discover the amazing potential that lies within them.

My goal is to provide MetaFitness clients with an individualized, integrated and balanced approach to fitness and wellness with superior customer service and up to date training methods. We have a welcoming, accepting and non-judgmental environment while treating everyone with the genuine respect, kindness and caring they deserve. At MetaFitness everyone matters!

I am often asked what MetaFitness means. I chose the word "Meta" because it means going beyond, reaching a higher level, becoming more developed, transcending the present reality, as well as a transformation and a change. On a more subtle level, I wanted to use a version of the word "Metta" to silently convey my philosophy of life. "Metta" is from the language of the earliest Buddhists and is synonymous with unselfish, pure loving kindness and universal love. The basis of Metta is choosing to interact in ways that promote kindness and patience, peacefulness and happiness, empathy and understanding where actions rise above social, economic, racial, political and physical barriers.

My favourite hobby is studying fitness and health! I enjoy gardening on a “large” scale; garden design; food preserving; snowshoeing, hiking and dancing with my husband; reading; spiritual pursuits and continual learning. Nothing brings me more happiness than spending time with my beautiful Grand-daughter and sharing in my four children’s lives and supporting them through their own exciting journeys.

Judy Cooper Education

Geneva Hamilton

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Teaches - Row n’ GRAVITY

AFLCA Certified Group Fitness Instructor in Portable Equipment; Certified Tribe Team Trainer in Life, Core & Fit; Gravity Trainer

I have been a fitness instructor through AFLCA for 6 years, but being active and fit has always been important to me. Right from the age of 3, I was involved with gymnastics, enjoying several years in the recreational program the competitive program. I also played soccer and coached both sports for many years, finding great joy in being able to teach and share my love of activity with others.

I am also passionate about music and explored that as a singer/songwriter and then began teaching a children and parent music program as well as acro and pre-school dance classes.

When I started my family, I kept up with my own fitness through workout classes and at-home workouts. I joined the MetaFitness team in 2010, shortly after I decided to add to my passions and become a certified group fitness instructor through AFLCA.

In my spare time I pursue running; taking part in 1/2 marathons, 10 km, and 5 km runs, but mostly I enjoy watching and supporting my two children as they follow their own activities and passions. I feel very fortunate to be able to assist others on the journey to their fitness goals and fulfilling their own passions whether it's in the completion of one class, one session or one race.... whatever their goal is I am there for them.

Lynn Wagner

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Teaches - Beginner Fit; Row, Strength n’ Core; Boomer Circuit; Tribe Team Training

AFLCA Certified Group Fitness Instructor in Portable Equipment & Cycle; Certified Tribe Team Trainer in Life, Core & Fit; Gravity Trainer; Functional Aging Specialist in progress

I have always been active and through the years I have met many positive and energetic fitness instructors. They inspired me to become a certified AFLCA Group Fitness Leader in portable equipment and Cyle, Tribe Team Trainer in LIFE, CORE and FIT and a GRAVITY instructor on the Total Gym. 

I have lived and worked as a school teacher in the Stony Plain area most of my life. I share my passion for fitness with my husband and two wonderful grown girls.

I have been instructing at MetaFitness for over two years and I love the welcoming and positive energy here. 

I truly believe that movement is the key to wellbeing, both physically and mentally. My motto is you don't HAVE to workout, you GET to workout! I look forward to working out with you in one my classes.

Angie Melnyk

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Teaches - Cardio n’ Strength, Tribe Team Training

AFLCA Certified Group Fitness Instructor in Portable Equipment, Cycle, Pre & Post Natal Fitness; Certified Tribe Team Trainer in Life, Core & Fit; Gravity Trainer
I have been involved with health and fitness for the past 10 years. After attending many fitness classes with instructors that truly inspired me I decided to become a certified fitness instructor. I strive to become the instructors I had years ago that educated, inspired, and motivated me to do what I love doing.
My passion lies in functional strength. I am a firm believer that your strength training should be a direct reflection of real life movements, helping keep your muscles strong as you age. I love to teach and do any workouts that truly push me to past limits, showing me my body is capable of doing so much more than I thought. My past accomplishments include completing a half marathon, triathlon, and duathlon. I also work as a graphic and web designer.
I am married to a wonderful husband and have a daughter Sierra, son Samuel and a dog named Tank. I enjoy being active with my kids, gardening and camping.

Tara Gaspe

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Teaches - Cardio n’ Strength, Tribe Fit

CanFitPro Certified Fitness Instructor, Personal Training Specialist

I have been a CanFitPro certified Group Fitness instructor since 2013 and a Personal Training Specialist since 2015.

I have lived in Stony Plain for the last 11 years, but grew up in St. Albert where I began playing competitive sports (both soccer and ringette) at the age of 10. During this time I developed a passion for athletics and fitness, also playing rugby, cross-country running and working out at the gym. Between playing and coaching sports I have deep roots in the community in which I live.

I love the home I built with my husband and two children, ages 3 and 6. As an adult I have discovered a love of obstacle course racing, endurance running and snowboarding.

I am excited to share my passion and knowledge with the MetaFitness community.

Dallas Donaldson

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Personal Trainer

CSEP Certified Personal Trainer

I am a busy wife and a mom of two young children.

I am also a graduate of the University of Alberta. I have my degree in Physical Education with a concentration in Physical Activity and Sport Performance.  I have my CSEP-CPT certified personal training certification as well as Exercise is Medicine and AFLCA Older Adult Certification.

I am looking forward to getting to know the members within the MetaFitness community and assisting them with their fitness goals!

I am very much looking forward to this wellness adventure with all of you!!

Cherise Thieven

Personal Trainer And Teaches Back In Action

bio coming soon

Jim Tower

Personal Trainer

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ACE Certified Personal Trainer

I studied Psychology at the University of Windsor and then studied how to counsel individuals with developmental disabilities. I later moved to Edmonton and worked as a behavioural consultant and eventually started my own business ventures.

I am now in early semi-retirement. I decided to return to school to become a Personal Trainer, as I have been involved in fitness for most of my life. I have always considered fitness and wellness a lifestyle choice. It seemed a logical choice to pursue Personal Training.

I graduated from Elevated Learning Academy and am ACE certified. I love to coach and work with people on exercise, wellness and healthy lifestyles. I believe in a positive approach and truly believe we can accomplish any goal we set our minds on.

Our Amazing Subs

Lisa Iwanyk, Katie Kohlenberg and Jim Tower

Life happens and we are thankful for the help and support of our dependable subs who are ready to assist us on short notice. They help keep classes running smoothly and are imperative to our success.